Ethnic Spirit Shoes are made from antique Guatemalan blouses stitched loving by hand and worn for many years until they are upcycled into unique one-off footwear. Each pair of shoes has an embroidered fabric which is 100% unique and cannot be found in another size. All of our stock changes continuously so please contact us for current patterns in the style and size you desire.

Fold Down Desert Boots

Enjoy two styles of shoe in one; high tops for winter and a groovy fold down ankle shoe for summer.
These are our most popular practical shoes for walking, dancing and daily use. The car-tyre sole is comfortable and the cut is perfect for wide feet. Every pair is completely unique in fabric so you’ll never see the same pair twice.


Price : $130

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Enjoy a comfortable enclosed toe sandal, perfect for work, going out or general use in summer. Combining with skirts or pants can dress up any outfit. These unique sandals are made from the elaborately embroidered collars of the traditional women’s blouse in Guatemala, which creates the perfect shape for a hardy but pretty shoe.


Price : $130

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Cowboy boots

A definite favourite of all who purchase a pair, these old school style cowboy boots are made in with natural soft leathers and compressed leather soles, stitched to be able to resole the boot over and over, allowing them to last up to 30 years! Each pair has a unique look with a one-off antique fabric.
Like all good leather boots they need a few weeks to wear in after which they will become your favourite boots; perfectly sturdy, comfortable and fashionable.


Price : $275

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Baby Moccasins

The perfect gift for any baby, these soft moccasins can fit 4 months to 2 years children, depending on sizes available. Each pair is stitched with a leather base, soft innersoles and antique embroidered fabrics. With elastic sides and a back grip for parents to pull shoes on, these are a comfortable and durable boot for crawling or walking infants.

Baby Moccasins
Baby Moccasins

Price : $40

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Postage costs within NSW:
500gm and under, $10
over 500gm, $15